Our wedding party

Our wedding party consists of our family and our friends! We are so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!!!

Maggie's attendants
  • Katie Guillot, Maid Of Honor
    Katie is Maggie's rock. While they have only been friends for about 6 years...it seems like they have known each other their whole lives!!
  • Kendra Palmer, Bridesmaid
    Still not used to putting Palmer at the end of her name! Kendra and Maggie bonded over a glass of wine and greys and have been friends since!
  • Jenna Lee, Bridesmaid
    Jenna and Maggie have been friends since Birth. They have something special. They can go weeks, even months without talking to each other and still pick back up just as close if not closer than before!
  • Lizzie Rentz, Bridesmaid
    Not used to putting Rentz at the end of this name either!! Maggie and Lizzie are cousins, but have always had that special connection. In a quote that Lizzie gave Maggie it sums them up perfectly "God made us Cousins, but Love made us Friends!"
Matt's attendants
  • Chris Voorhees, Best Man
    Older Brother of Groom!!
  • Stephen Dowies, Groomsman
    Brother of Bride
  • Nick Hopkins, Groomsman
    Grooms best friend and roommate for 9+ years!
  • Brian Duncan, Groomsman
    Friend of Groom!
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